Saturday, December 18, 2010


No doubt, today muslims are seen as the minority. Rumor, that is basically supported by facts, has it that we are expanding in numbers. I dont really remember where i heard this, but it goes someting like this; "Every muslim killed today, a greater number of people accept Islam tomorrow." But why are we seen as a minority? Is it because we are weak?  Is it because of our technology? or is it just statistically seen in numbers? If so, then why the Jewish are seen as a powerful race when there is just only 13,421,000 jewish population compared to the muslims that are 1/4 of the people in this world?
There is no definite answer, and the answers to this question can go rambling on and on and on. So before going to the more deeper issues in which we, as humble people with no power, cannot do. We can see this in terms of simple reasons such as isolation.
Yes, the Westerns, the Europeans and of course the Jewish have not exactly opened the welcome wagon for us Muslims. The hijabs, the long beards, the Holy Quran and jihad are seen as a liability nowadays, eventhough none of it does contribute to terrorism, as how they mentioned it in the media and whatever. But have we muslims ever viewed on what we do actually does contribute to their isolation towards us? We keep on pointing fingers yet we never view back to what we do on behalf of their perspectives. I am a muslim, i love my religion, and i have faith that Islam is the religion of rightenous. But it doesnt neglect the fact that humans make mistakes, even muslims.
In a way, i believe it is us also that isolates ourselves from the world in one way or another. We claim we have interreligous understanding,yet we dont allow our childrens to play with non-muslims just because they eat pork. (which is haram(forbidden) in islam) We dont talk to non muslims coz we fear they will contaminate our beliefs and poison our minds with their lifestyle. We create a sense of doubt to our community to interact with these people and influence our children to be unsociable. We insulate ourselves with our islamic-islamic cmmunity by avoiding contact towards anyone but ourselves. During the Islamic reign, our scholars travelled to Rome, Greece and China just to share their knowledge, and translate it to Arabic for their educational purposes.Malaysia, is in good terms by sending students to foreign countries. Learning about their cultures, their knowledge and mind set is one best way to create interreligous and interracial understandings between them. As a result this may contribute to a better islamic view to foreigners and show the true teachings of islam.
 Unfortunately, even in our islamic-islamic communities- we argue over senseless topics like who wears the hijab more properly? who is more faithful than the other? while the enemy surrounds the borders of our lands with tanks and bombs, we keep on rambling on and on-pointing fingers again and again.
However, oppressions in Palestine and in Eastern Europe have also contributed to a sense of hate and unfriendly views from the muslim community. Our anger of the deaths of our brothers and sisters, have resorted to violence. An action described by the media as terroristic. Their cause are let down, and their presence are neglected. From that, hijacking planes, suicide bombings, killing sprees and many more occur from the mess the non muslims created- and cycles back to us as massive terrorism taught by islam. Scholars claim to read the Quran and without understanding its meaning create senseless accusations about Islam- covering their mess with our action. Making us puppets to their mascarade. Used silently. Our actions that were created by fear and anger resorted to our isolation. When we punch back, they shoot us- saying we punched them first..
We are a religion of peace. We are not terrorists.


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another good post bro....really enjoy reading them...keep up your good work..!! ;)

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bigger in number with zero content is meaningless. 1 million times zero is always zero. as simple as that.