Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Secularism and Islam

I have been reading through blogs, books and many useful sources of information about secularism, n its role in history. "Our heroes are thier enemies" Basic understanding of the world today. Different principles- everyone has thier own beliefs for freedom, idealism, revolution, and of course secularism. Generally speaking, Secularism is a concept that distinguishes religious violations with the government affairs. (

Is it a good thing?
No doubt that secularism has contributed towards Western, European modernization, and has revolutionized the minds of these people towards outstanding accomplishments. (Mcm blaja sejarah dlu daaa) Before Renaissance, most minds were limited by the churches complaints, doubts that this life is not for them, but heaven awaited in the afterlife, so most of them chose the afterlife- leaving world acknowledgements ( fardhu kifayah). Until scholars who broke this trend defined science as a subject not a sin.

Haaaa...enough with history; so happened during secularism. Well, life happened-and when i say life-ONLY life ;) People called it the Age of enlightment, and the West went to a phase of modernization with a religious debt they left behind. This was- early stages of todays politics. And by time- nations begin to follow the secularism trend as it indirectly was seen as an association to modernization.

So the West believed in secularism- so what? What started the issue was the Islamic Turkish empire governed by Mustafa Kemal Attartuk ( who believed secularism was the solution to the downfall of Muslim empires and society.Being the last known Islamic empire- it didnt really approve to the society. By banning hijabs, and seperating religious beliefs with the government- somone had to get angry. Protests, riots bla bla bla...didnt work. It just kept going on.

Was there Modernization?
Well undergoing development is sure dfficult when riots are going about, and lives of people are in danger- economical growth stops, and Turkey-once a beutiful country become a hostile one.  The problem i believe is the understanding of secularism itself. Islamic countries- CANNOT undergo secularism as the Western people have. Why? Because the seperation of islamic beliefs in the government is IMPOSSIBLE! Islam is a religion that is mainly devoted towards Allah S.W.T, as a way of life- not a religion that goes and pray 24/7. What we muslims do- is Islam! So how can we seperate a way of life towards government decisions? it just doesn't work that way. It may be possible in Christianity, and is proven useful, but not in Islam.

However it is sure possible if we take secularism, and understand it as a way of achieving modernization only with the aspects of Islam instead of shading from the world and hiding without new knowlegde coz of the fear o secularism. If we understand this- we might grow as a greater Ummah and neglect the fact that today- we are ignorant and relying on the help of others as we are incapable of protecting ourselves.

Yes, this will take perhaps ages,centuries, or milleniums to create a powerful ummah as the one we created a long time ago. We were careless, but every beginning starts with a small step, and if we all start- we might contribute towards a better life for generations to come. Our struggle is for them- not for us. IA

p/s sori for writing too much- (Smgt niiih!)


-mfr5071- said...

panjang pun xpa aku baca pak nad.
moga semangat berkekalan.

every beginning start with a single step.

'islah nafsak wad'u ghairak'-mustafa mashur.(faham sendiri quote ni. doubt key of knowledge.)

Aysha Mohamad said...

:) org suka dy buat research cmni :P
besst baca.tmbah ilmu.
Teruskan k.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Keep it up a good writing, that shows not only you study medicine but also learn a vide range of thing in a real life at the same time. Bravo..

hann said...

the idea of secularism could be linked with liberalism..when the govt matter is free from any malaysia, we uphold islam as our religion but to some situation we do not follow the way of islam. so sad..if we claim we r better than turkey, yup thats right..but im afraid one day we could become like them..u know what last time our PM wanted to build 10 big night clubs in KL..luckily, he removed after many protests from the people..

Nazri Wafi- said...

The legitimate idea about secularism upholds a certain sense of complaint towards islamic policies. I believe the view of this new policy did revolutionized the mind sets of the society, but in someway- it is absurd to neglect religious faith, and of course does not cope to the way of Islam. N yes, Malaysia is in good terms of upholding modernization and development even by involving religious concepts in our systems. We undergo intereligious tolerencies and respect one another. But in one way, we are still in search of our identity- justifying an islamic government but by building night clubs. We need to make sure we dont make the same mistakes- and understand that it is never religion that needs to be blamed.

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SHieMa said...

Nabila gave me this link.
Nice one.
I like these kind of writing.
Can I put it on my blog? Just as a reference for others to read.

Nazri Wafi- said...

Shiema- no prob ;)

dr.vEeL said...

A well-written post.. Nice.. :)