Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mosque in Ground Zero?

Its been a while since another updated blog, i know, just getting pretty busy now. Not to mention the weather here in Russia is getting even chiller than ever. Ok back to the issue- bear in mind that ive never intended to discuss about political issues, n stuff that is far beyond my range of....power i guess, but this issues becoming a little bit disturbing- so ive been opening blogs, u-tube discussions, papers, lets just say ive been doing my homework ;).
So when i heard about the planning of building a mosque, i was thankful, and was hoping that at last muslims will be able to pray with more space and tranquility. However, sincerely, when i heard about its location (ground zero) i doubt that it was the right decision. I mean, lower Manhattan a.k.a Ground Zero was technically a memorial of the hundreds of deaths during 9/11. Unfortunately, that time, fingers were not pointing at terrorists, extremist, nor politicians- people pointed thier fingers to Islam. Terrorism was linked to a religion. During the raids of the mongolian horde, the killing spree of muslims in India, the attrocities of the Nazis to the Jews, all of these events- history has labeled them as groups of terrorists. Why? because they create terror- fear in the hearts of people.But they are never accused of thier acts with religion. So in such events such as the 9/11 why people are blinded by the fact that its not a war against islam, but a war against terrorism.
After reading through the facts- here is what i can say:
The site for this project, is whatsoever not located at the site of the former World Trade Center. It is located a few block away from this site and is located over a former Coat factory. Its range of site? Well this site is actually nowhere near the ground zero perimeter. Its 10 by 10 feet large is actually a mere spec in the area. Then why is it called Mosque of Ground Zero? Ask the media, the politicians and the speculators who always makes a fuss about things only for their own purpose. Talk about not wanting anything islamic in that area, there is actually a Halal restaurant in tha area of Ground Zero n no one is making a fuss about it. Isnt that Islamic too? 
The best part of it is that it is actually a community center- with a mosque. So the big picture is a Community center, u know basketball courts, playgrounds, but with a mosque. Imagine a community center with a small chapel- would you call it a church? But then you hear mosque- then you link it with terrorism, bombs, guns, killings, jihad, n all the nonsene. We are all discriminating a free n peaceful religion.
Perhaps the most strongest debate in this issue is that they are not breaking the law. Muslim Americans are still Americans. They have rights. Especially when talking about America when every person is able to give their thoughts, their commitment. So where is the free America, if we are not able to do something that is not against the law? Maybe Americans should read back their Federal Constitutions? I know mine.
Whats done is done, i respect the president Obamas decision in trying to create a decent tolerency towards interreligious understandings. I fear for the safety of my brothers, yet i appreciate his efforts towards this step in creating a world of diverse mutual religious understanding.

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