Wednesday, November 21, 2012


As we know, the Salah is a consequent practice we as muslims do everyday, and is is stated in the Quran as one of the 5 pillars in Islam. (Fun facts: salah in arabic actually means bowing, worship,homage or just prayer). Despite our busy hours, these times are used in reminding us which is the outmost important out of all, and that life in this world is not as important as remembering Allah S.W.T as our creator.

I was born a muslim, but didnt really grow up like one, i started my daily prayers just, u know, out of shame when others were content of doing it. It was more like a routine then a religious act. Dont get me wrong, my parents were not to be blamed. They reminded me told me and even forced me to perform, i was just a lazy kid who thought bah? 5 times? 2-3 times ok kot?? then not doing anything at all. I had a free spirit, felt like when i get older, ill pray la. However as time flew by, the habit of not praying became a routine. Whenever someone asked me to pray- i was like "you go first, sakit perut la" then ill just do somthing else. Nakal, is what malays call it. Yup i was a brat. When i attended boarding school, everyone was told to pray on time, everyday, all prayers tip top. It was a good effort, and Alhamdulillah i learnt a lot. (TQ SMSSMJ) However when the holidays came. The brat in me revealed its horns. I was missing somthing inside of me that got me lost somewhere in the arms of syaitan. Astaghfirullah Hal'azim. May Allah guide me in the darkest of my days.

In Moscow, ive taken the tendency to join the ukhwah an participate in usrah. It has been an eyeopener so far. I sometimes feel so far from being a muslim, yet at times it feels so close. Iman sure has its ups and downs that sure make u wobbly. Why is this post about salah? Its just that since coming to Moscow, i was told that by understanding the meanings in your salah, you tend to feel closer and more tranced while performing prayer. I was like, heck ill give it a try, doubt itll work but i got nothing to lose. So i searched with easy google. Found what i was looking for, and took the time to read, and remember. I had no basics in Arab, so despite the language barrier, i tried not by word, but by verses. Alhamdulillah, it felt different- knowing every meaning of the verse made you realize- your actually talking to Allah- not some gibberish that u do everyday. You find it hard to read fast cause u realize that the praises and words of worship are to beautiful to skip. In every verse try to read in arabic, then translate in whatever language u feel best for u during salah. So basically during every verse, a contempt to think that back in the days before i understood, it sounded more of a mocking than a worshiping. Masha'Allah. Its better to try step by step if memorizing all in one time seems difficult. InsyaAllah, Allah is always watching us. To those who have always known the meaning and practices it everyday, I much envy you since Allah has given u the sight to see earlier. 

Its never to late :) Together lets live as a muslim and die as a syahid


Naqib_Nizora said...

Thanks for the reminder, nicely written. Keep writing. May Allah bless ur effort.

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ShaH said...

Actually I'm in tears reading this post. MasyaAllah brother. Its such a nice reminder.